Monthly Archives: August 2010

Review Twilight

Okay so finally got around to reading Twilight by Stephenie Meyer after my wife borrowed a copy (which I should note she read in less than a day, ignoring everyone and everything until it was finished). I did not enjoy it quite as much as she did. There are minor spoilers ahead. I never identified […]

Empire Avenue – Two Ways to Advertise?

Empire Avenue has a built in advertising system. To this point I’ve had some success with it — and I know there are improvements to the system coming in the future and I’m excited to check them out. One nice thing about it is that ingame cash (eaves) is spent on this advertising so unlike […]

Bring on the Robot Minions!

Anyone reading this for my writing or game design insights you can safely ignore this post. It is all about Empire Avenue. So I’ve had a Robots community on Empire Avenue for a while now that I have never really recruited anyone into. I just like robots. I think they are Neat’O. Given that discussion […]

BioWare-Brent Year 9 (Fall 2007 – Summer 2008)

This is the ninth of ten posts, one for each year that I worked for BioWare. Crunch Though Dragon Age’s release was still a long ways off we entered a bit of a mini-crunch period with things getting hectic and tempers flaring. While you bond with teammates when you are working with them late at […]

Videogame Design Documentation

Overview Documenting a game’s design is a challenging process. During my time with BioWare many approaches were attempted but a standardized process was never found that worked for all projects, all the time (though this may have had more to do with various projects being unable to fit new documentation schemes into their stage of […]

Task Management 101

Overview A few weeks into my job with BioWare, way back in ’99 I found myself overwhelmed. The tasks just kept piling on and while it was fun and exciting I was starting to get a little stressed. I think up until that point I had only received a few dozen e-mails in my entire […]

Weekend Fun

Had a pretty great long weekend. Here are a couple shots of the kids enjoying a water park. Tomorrow I promise a more serious, non-kid or food related post.

Name the Cookies Formerly Known as Spider Cookies

I do not think I have ever posted about cookies before, but here goes (and yes today was a slow news day around the House of Brent). The other day I mentioned making spider cookies and received a few ‘gross’ comments, people thinking that I was maybe eating sugar-coated spiders, I guess. Which would be […]