Writers of the Future

I’m back!

Exhausted. Inspired. Overwhelmed. Tired.

Tomorrow I plan to go through my notes and photos and start documenting what has really been a once in a lifetime experience. I’ve just lived through six emotion charged months… in seven days.

Congratulations to all the other winners. Thanks to the instructors, judges and guest speakers who stayed up late into the night helping to prepare us for what lies ahead in this wacky and wonderful world of writing.

And I lost 5 pounds! Best. Diet. Ever.

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  • http://www.jordanlapp.com Jordan Lapp


    Great meeting you! Glad you got home safe. I’ll be e-mailing you soon.

  • Laurie Tom

    You lost 5 pounds because of your horrible diet that week! I hope you don’t normally eat like that. ^_^

    I’ll likely be bugging you soon as well. I might need another day or two to recover.

  • http://www.brentknowles.com Brent Knowles

    Jordan — looking forward to that!

  • http://www.brentknowles.com Brent Knowles

    Laurie — hope you get a chance to relax and enjoy things before being thrown back into ‘work stuff’. And yes I normally eat better than I did down in LA :) (Though nothing quite so good as the lasagna! Thanks again!)

  • http://laurietom.blogspot.com/ Laurie Tom

    Brent, I have today off. I’m busy setting up a blog for my work (doh!) and a facebook page. I edited my LinkedIn profile (haha) and am letting my twitter friends know I’m splitting my gaming twitter from the upcoming writing one.

    I really don’t think people who want to follow my writing also want to know about my guild wiping on heroic Lich King. -_-

  • http://www.brentknowles.com Brent Knowles

    Laurie — Cool, let me know the url/twitter id and whatnot so I can follow them!

  • Steven Savile

    I think I found your five pounds…

  • http://www.brentknowles.com Brent Knowles

    Steven — See that’s why I was avoiding all the beer!

  • Shawn Montgomery

    Good to see things are going well for you Brent. Congrats. All that time in your writing closet in college paid off. Or was it a pantry?

  • http://www.brentknowles.com Brent Knowles

    Shawn – Thanks! Haven’t spoken to you in forever.

    Don’t really know if I would have called that a writing closet or pantry… kind of just a… space… you are referring to the section of the room that we walled off with beer bottle cases, right?

  • Shawn Montgomery

    No the house after that one. The smelly basement suite. You had a little closet just off the kitchen that you had your computer desk in.

  • http://www.brentknowles.com Brent Knowles

    Shawn – Ah I had erased that place out of my memory. I remember the room now though!

  • Shawn Montgomery

    do you remember the heat vents being all full of water? And having to go to the camera shop to pay the rent?

  • http://www.brentknowles.com Brent Knowles

    Yeah, its all coming back now… was it actually water in the vents or ‘something else’.

    Think I’ll have nightmares tonight :)

  • Shawn Montgomery

    Not sure, I can’t remember. I remember that year well. had to walk through waste deep snow to get to the college. After that I always made sure I had enough money to keep my truck insured through the whole college year.

  • http://infmonk.blogspot.com/ Alex Black

    Must be something about the workshop. I came back to Portland 5 pounds lighter too, despite all of the restaurant food. Go figure…

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