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Bring on the Robot Minions!

Anyone reading this for my writing or game design insights you can safely ignore this post. It is all about Empire Avenue.

So I’ve had a Robots community on Empire Avenue for a while now that I have never really recruited anyone into. I just like robots. I think they are Neat’O.

Given that discussion in the group has been me talking to myself for a while I’ve decided to change the focus.

And why do we care?

(See that, that’s me talking to myself. Creepy, eh?)

Now the group is known as Robot Minions. Because I’m uber-eave-rich I now need Robot Minions to help inflate my airships (and my ego).

The group can still discuss robots (and I really hope they do, because I want real life Robot Minions one day too and one of you will help me figure out how to accomplish that). But I’m now going to add some incentives for people to join.

Here’s the deal:

You get a 200 share buy for joining if you are in the 7 – 30 eaves price range. Why this restriction? I engage with many oldtimers on Empire Avenue but some of the new arrivals in the last month or so have slipped under my radar. I know I’ve missed out on meeting some cool people. Figure this is an opportunity to build some new connections.

When we reach 1000 members I’ll post a new story that has something to do with robots online and you all get first crack at reading it.

What do Robot Minions have to do?

1. Invite new members
2. Post cool content — active members will find themselves receiving ‘eave tips’ occasionally. I want to reward hardworking robot minions.

If any Robot Minion is so inclined I’d also be pleased if they went and read some of the stories I’ve published and post reviews (positive or negative, both do wonders for my ego). My bibliography page is a great place to find what I’ve had published.

Join here: http://www.empireavenue.com/community/?c=359

(Note: I *will* invest in you though it might take a day to do so depending on how flush with cash I am on a given day. If you think I missed you just message. And influencers worth more than 30 eaves can still join but it might take longer for me to invest in you.)

Former lead designer at BioWare (Dragon Age: Origins, Neverwinter Nights). Creator of Raiders of the Serpent Sea.

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