Monthly Archives: July 2010

A Couple Goals Met Early

At the start of the year I made several goals that I wanted to meet by the end of the year and while doing a bit of bookkeeping last night I noticed that I’ve succeed in achieving a few. This is the first full year that I’ve devoted serious time to writing. I wanted to […]

Better comments system?

I’m noticing a lot of the blogs I read are using more sophisticated comments systems than the default WordPress one I am using. Is there a standard emerging? Or close to a standard that I should be considering to use here instead of the default? Or if no standard what are your favorites and why? […]

Has Arrived! Contributor Copy for War of the Worlds Frontlines

My contributor copy for the anthology War of the Worlds: Frontlines arrived today. It is a handsome book and I can’t wait to start reading some of the fantastic stories in it (well I can wait a bit because I have work to do this afternoon, my boss being a jerk and all). Anyways you […]

Videogame Area Design

Overview Areas are where players interact with environment, story and gameplay. They require solid planning as they are among the most expensive — if not the most expensive — pieces of the gameplay puzzle a designer is assembling. Here are some tips to help apply foresight to the level design process and (hopefully) minimize costly […]

Savegame Tips

Overview Planning the save game system for your game is essential. The platform being used, the type of game, and the programming resources all must be taken into consideration. What kind of save system? Do what other games that are similar to yours do — and then try to add some improvements if possible. Many […]

Cross-Platform Experimenting

Overview When a designer has free time between projects another useful activity is for them to investigate how previous titles (or the next one) might be ported to other platforms. Why Cross-Platform? The more markets a game can be pushed onto the better the increase for sales. Many gameplay styles don’t work on all platforms […]

The Design Manager

Overview Most of this chapter on being a design lead on a game development project will delve into specialized design topics detailing how to go about planning the projects that you’ll lead the design effort on and tips for designing areas, creatures, and storylines. But in this section I’ll discuss the management side of being […]

Brent Had a Meeting!

Today was my first meeting in over a year (yep, in person, with other people and everything). Those of you who worked with me at BioWare probably remember my fondnessfor meetings. So, do I miss them after such a long absence? Not really. Though this one was kind of interesting (it was at city hall) […]

Getting Feedback

Overview I’ve been thinking about writing this post for a while (since I wrote the How to Give Feedback post) but a recent discussion on a writing list decided the issue for me. The writers were talking about the feedback they have received from editors (re: rejection letters) and how sometimes they would receive contradictory […]

Keep Yourself Busy

Overview When your project is finished there are several things you should do. The first – take a break. And that doesn’t mean simply taking some time off which you then spend reading news about your project (you can save that for when you get back). Take a big step back from all things gaming […]