Pitch – Pastlives Social Network

Okay so imagine a social networking site where not only do people interact with one another as they are today but that they also maintain multiple ‘pastlife’ accounts.

Basically you would log on and scroll through time and space, finding where and when your alter-egos lived, from prehistory, through Roman times, the Medieval world and more. Then you’d connect with others in those time periods, perhaps resuming relationships that have been on hold for a few hundreds years. Interaction would include messaging, like today but could be themed by the communications standards of the day (i.e., if your long lost cousin lived in a nearby town your messages might take a couple days to arrived).

But how would the Pastlives Social Network be a profitable enterprise?

There are several ways revenue could be generated, including through advertising, historically accurate virtual gifting, or having users pay for multiple pastlives (or access to more obscure past lives like Early Neandertal, Scurrying Rodent During Dinosaur Age, or even futurelives).

Revenue might also be generated by having on-site customer service representatives (a.k.a. psychics) who can help customers connect with others from the same time periods as their past life alter-egos (or uncover pastlives that they did not already know about).

So what do you think? The next great social network or what?

So am I frightening anyone yet? I still have a fairly big list of potential pitches. I might accept bribes to stop the madness.

BTW I did mention earlier that I had beer for lunch, right?

Former lead designer at BioWare (Dragon Age: Origins, Neverwinter Nights). Creator of Raiders of the Serpent Sea.

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