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A Couple Goals Met Early

At the start of the year I made several goals that I wanted to meet by the end of the year and while doing a bit of bookkeeping last night I noticed that I’ve succeed in achieving a few.

This is the first full year that I’ve devoted serious time to writing. I wanted to have a Word Count goal that reflected that. The reason for the Word Count goal was to ensure that I’m regularly writing — and not wasting time — when I’m at my desk. So the goal was 240 000 words. I don’t remember how I settled onto that number but I passed it yesterday! Next year will aim for a higher number (I’ll look at how many words I end up producing this year and inflate it by 10% or so).

I’ve also sold two more stories this year (‘John’s List’ and ‘The Kol Effect’) which was a secondary goal achieved.

Goals not met yet:

  • Wanted to write two novels. One down. One more to go
  • Wanted to write 6 stories and send them out… I’ve written 5… maybe 6 if I like the one I wrote yesterday and clean it up for submission
  • Sell one story to a pro market (as defined by SFWA)… this is a little out of my hands of course but its a milestone I really want to reach this year so I’ve been submitting loads to pro markets

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