Empire Avenue – Finding Gems “Off the Leaderboard”

This is a quick Empire Avenue tip (and yes, my promised Lazy Designer post will arrive later in the afternoon).

Everyone knows that those on the main leaderboards are great investments and well deserving of your hard earned eaves. The problem with the main leaderboard is that its only showing a few dozen of the top contenders. But now that Empire Avenue has grown (and continues to grow) there are hundreds of value stocks out there, earning strong dividends, but never appearing on the main leaderboard.

Where are these delicious eave-gems?

In the Communities.

I’ve been starting to go to the Community page and scrolling through the various City, Interest, and Personal communities and looking at the leaderboards in those communities. I don’t buy just on good share price, I also look at those who are holding a great deal of wealth (while remaining active on the Avenue). I buy some of them, check them out the next day and buy more of them if they’re doing well.

Update – posted this prematurely, looks like there is a new Secret Achievement today :)

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  • Fray Close

    aww man! I want that!!

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  • http://marginalnotes.typepad.com/pj/ Joanne Costello

    That’s cool, Brent. If I get to your feature in a timely manner, we should pop that in! Congrats! I am excited to discover secret achievements. I feels like EA could use some more fun these days.

  • http://romanelli.mp/blog Paul

    Brent, thanks for stopping by. I always have been a bit on the gullible side. You saved me a bunch of aggravation.

    Best of luck

  • http://www.brentknowles.com Brent Knowles

    Yeah… I put it up for the Empire Ave vets who have already seen my particular sense of humor; wasn’t really thinking that of the newcomers who might see it as legit :)