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Read this Week – The Assault on Reason

Finished reading The Assault on Reason by Al Gore.

Overall I enjoyed this book. I know very little about the United State’s system of government and I thought this a good primer, though probably biased a little. But Mr. Gore’s reasoning behind what he feels were the intentions of the Founders and why they wrote the Constitution the way they did were well structured and I agree with most of his points. Certainly the previous administration in the States did terrible damage to the United State’s reputation worldwide and more alarmingly has removed too many freedoms (wire tapping, internet snooping, ignoring human rights). Regardless of where you sit on the political spectrum Gore’s book opens up many valid discussions about the political shift his country has been taking.

What I take most from the book is the potential of the Internet to bring more citizens into the democratic process (and I agree with him that the current method of using one-way communication — or dictation, if you like — through television ads has pushed too much political power into the hands of wealthy corporations that are now effectively buying politicians as required).

I am excited and hopeful for what the coming years will bring in regards to a revolution in our democratic process.

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