Empire Avenue

Empire Avenue – Market Makers

I saw a twitter question earlier today asking what a ‘Market Maker’ was on Empire Avenue and I thought I’d give a short explanation.

Some people might have you believe that the Market Makers are elegant AI agents performing various calculations based on a person’s social activity. But those people would be at best, wrong, at worst part of the ‘conspiracy.’

See, Market Makers are actually people. Or clones, to be more exact. In a secret location, probably in Montreal, there’s basements. Filled with people. Well not real people. Clones people.

Anyways at first there were only a few of them. Their job was to manually go through everybody on Empire Avenue nightly, each was assigned a letter of the alphabet and people with last names beginning with that letter would be their responsibility. They take notes on activity and then through a complicated process that includes arm wrestling, a canoe toss, and a drinking contest, final scores are calculated.

The early days of Empire Avenue were pleasant times for the Market Makers, some of them, like the MM responsible for ‘Z’ had pretty light duties, only responsible for a single influencer. But then Empire Avenue grew! And the Market Makers started to become stressed out. More clones were needed. And a bigger basement. Now multiple MMs are responsible for each letter of the alphabet.

So the next time you are upset about your share price changing, remember the poor Market Makers in basements strewn in secret locations throughout Montreal. They are doing their best.

Of course none of the above is true.


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