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Tips: Teaching yourself Game Development

Overview I’m occasionally asked for pointers on how newcomers to the gaming industry can get up to speed on building games. The answer to this question really varries based on the skill level of the asker. Still I’ve attempted to suggest some high level activities that can help a newcomer understanding game development. There are […]

Drawbacks to being your own boss

Just to balance out my earlier post about the benefits of being self employed I will list some drawbacks (you know, so those of you who I made jealous with my pizza-eating, beer drinking lunches can feel better). Here are some drawbacks: – I have to make my own breakfast (at BioWare we had breakfast […]

Pitch – Pastlives Social Network

Okay so imagine a social networking site where not only do people interact with one another as they are today but that they also maintain multiple ‘pastlife’ accounts. Basically you would log on and scroll through time and space, finding where and when your alter-egos lived, from prehistory, through Roman times, the Medieval world and […]

Benefit of being your own boss

Just came in from a leisurely lunch on the deck complete with pizza and beer. And fantastic weather! Now, back to work.

Congratulations to the Empire Avenue team

I’ve blogged occasionally about Empire Avenue and up until today it was an invite-only beta. Now it has opened its doors to everyone — yes, that means you, everyone. Please encourage the hard working team to continue to, well, work hard, by signing up. Let me know you joined and I’ll buy a piece of […]

Adverb Hunter

Thought I had posted this earlier but couldn’t find it. I’m about halfway through doing revisions to the novel (proofreading, improving phrasing, that sort of thing). Over at (my software for writers blog) I noted that I had added a simple adverb detection system to YOM a few months ago. And then promptly forgot […]

Empire Avenue – Stop me from Selling you. Please.

I spoke a while back about why I sell people on Empire Avenue. Now that the game has matured I’m trying to adopt a bit more casual of a gameplay style… still want to make the big bucks but want to focus my time on producing content rather than winning the game. To achieve that […]

“His Island” now on Kindle

My Icelandic tale of volcanoes and ghosts can now be read on the Kindle (or iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad/iAnything). Or if you’d rather check out the other places it is available you can do that here.

BioWare-Brent Year 8 (Fall 2006 – Summer 2007)

This is the eighth of ten posts, one for each year that I worked for BioWare. Chaos Another year of solid work on Dragon Age. Good progress was made but there were new difficulties popping up, aside from just technical and creative ones. Throughout the project there were always many team changes with team members […]

Sorry I can’t read your story

Overview The other day I received my first message from a stranger asking me to read their game script. I was flattered. But also alarmed. I really can’t read other people’s work or help them get it published. I have neither the time nor do I want to get involved in any kind of legal […]