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Empire Avenue – Why I sell you

If you are on Empire Avenue you might wonder why people sell your stocks. Other than the obvious sell-off that happens a few days after a newbie joins there are other reasons why I will dump someone’s stock. Missed a Day If an influencer misses a day of activity (that is if for one day […]

Should have taken a screenshot

I have a fake site ( to support one of my unsold stories. Anyways the other day I went there and noticed that all the Google ads were in Italian! (Probably because of the verbi part, I guess?) But whenever I’ve went there since then I haven’t been able to see that. I didn’t realize […]

Responding to Change – pitfalls

This is a continuation of the previous post – Harnessing Change. The Cautionary Tale: Where Things Are Not Heading Twenty years ago PC Gaming was declared dead. And it is declared dead every few years. And while it is a smaller market than consoles it is far from dead but people will continue saying it […]

Harnessing Change

Overview As a design manager it is important to be aware of where the gaming industry is heading. It is also vital to understand where related media are trending — movies, television, and now, social networks. This section is not so much a ‘whats-in-store-for-us’ as I don’t consider myself that accurate of a futurist. It […]

Publishers – get your eBooks right please

My last post was a quick review of “Present at the Future”. I didn’t want to mar the review with complaints about eBooks because they aren’t relevant to the specific book (i.e., not the fault of the author). But the publisher (and all publishers) need to wake up and start doing a better job with […]

Review Present at the Future

Present at the Future by Ira Flatow was a book I saw recommended by several sci-fi authors as being a nice overview of some of the big topics in science in the last couple decades (cloning, string theory, nanotech and such). Overall I enjoyed it… a nice idea fest. Many topics I’ve been exposed to […]

Empire Avenue – Why my share price drops

Many newcomers who race up the leaderboard get shocked a week or so later when they begin to plummet. Don’t Panic! Others have posted on this but I thought tossing out another post explaining as far as I understand it, the market mechanics and why this happens, might help alleviate concern. Here goes: Because share […]

Got iPad

Well I did it. Even despite some reservations I bought myself an iPad. My main concerns with doing so stemmed mostly around the way Apple limits and controls apps. But I put my principles aside for the love of geek and bought it anyways. So with less than a day of using it I can […]

New review for From the Sea

HorrorScope has posted a positive review of On Spec #78 (containing my story ‘From the Sea’). A nice summary of the issue. See also: From the Sea details page Main Review Page On Spec

Inline Links?

I’ve stumbled across a few recent discussions, mostly on twitter, with people commenting that they don’t like inline links inside of blog posts. So I went and did some snooping, finding a couple blogs talking about it. Basically some people find the inline links distracting. Other people don’t have a problem with them. What are […]