Inevitable post about G20

Like many Canadians I watched the news last night and was horrified by the vandalism during the G20. The Canadian government really failed Toronto. I’ve heard quotes of over a billion dollars spent in preparation for this day and a half summit and none of the preparations were able to stop the destruction.

It is embarrassing. It makes our politicians look even more incompetent.

What would I have done instead?

Arrest everyone wearing or carrying a mask. End of the day no one should be allowed to wear masks that make them anonymous. Anonymous people are more willing to cause property damage or injure others. Don’t allow them to be anonymous. I’d wager a significant number of the anarchists would not have had the guts to do what they did if their faces were uncovered. The masks permit the violence.

And yeah, just to be fair, I don’t think the police should be wearing such anonymous looking outfits either.

For more on how uniforms and masks promote violence check out the The Lucifer Effect.

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