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Reading PDFs with iBooks on an iPad

With the latest version of iTunes and iBooks I can now read pdfs through the iBooks app on my iPad… this makes me quite happy as the other PDF reader I was using didn’t have bookmark support (and iBooks does). And it means one less app I have cluttering my screen real estate.

I do like that Apple continues improving the usefulness of their myriad of portable devices. Yeah, I know its just to wring more money from us in the future, but still, I like seeing things improve.

On the iPad I’m now currently reading the latest issue of Black Gate and a sample copy of Realms of Fantasy — both look good on it so far, will post more detailed reviews when I’ve finished them, with pictures.

Tip – I was having trouble adding a couple PDFs to my iTunes library and I wasn’t able to add them until I removed all spaces and non alphanumeric characters from them. Don’t know why but renaming these files allowed them to be added. Do wish that iTunes would give an error when things like this fail instead of making users guess.

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