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James Moore insults Canadians… not cool

Lots of discussion around C-32, a copyright bill here in Canada.

A couple videos with Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore belittling Canadians who oppose the bill. One at itworld and another on youtube.

I’m very unhappy with his use of language as if disagreeing with a bill somehow makes the citizens disagreeing ‘bad people’. Every bill needs discussion, needs people — not just politicians — debating its merits. If James Moore can’t handle that he’s in the wrong business. Labeling dissenters as radical extremists is a frightening choice of words for a Canadian politician.

Other useful links to check out:
Cory Doctorow giving a good summary of the issue with the digital locks proposed in the bill and his solution to allowing ‘creators’ to have control over their content — and not just the companies distributing the content as is the intent of C-32.

Michael Geist, who has held a fairly moderate view of the bill, suggesting reasonable alterations to it, is also discussing this on his twitter feed and his blog.

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