Daily Archives: June 23, 2010

James Moore insults Canadians… not cool

Lots of discussion around C-32, a copyright bill here in Canada. A couple videos with Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore belittling Canadians who oppose the bill. One at itworld and another on youtube. I’m very unhappy with his use of language as if disagreeing with a bill somehow makes the citizens disagreeing ‘bad people’. Every […]

Empire Avenue – Why I sell you

If you are on Empire Avenue you might wonder why people sell your stocks. Other than the obvious sell-off that happens a few days after a newbie joins there are other reasons why I will dump someone’s stock. Missed a Day If an influencer misses a day of activity (that is if for one day […]

Should have taken a screenshot

I have a fake site (http://www.verbivault.com/) to support one of my unsold stories. Anyways the other day I went there and noticed that all the Google ads were in Italian! (Probably because of the verbi part, I guess?) But whenever I’ve went there since then I haven’t been able to see that. I didn’t realize […]