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Review Present at the Future

Present at the Future by Ira Flatow was a book I saw recommended by several sci-fi authors as being a nice overview of some of the big topics in science in the last couple decades (cloning, string theory, nanotech and such).

Overall I enjoyed it… a nice idea fest. Many topics I’ve been exposed to previously but haven’t really followed up since their original announcements. I thought the sections on Alternative Energy quite interesting as were sections on medical advancements I wasn’t aware of. Some of the writing was a little rough — you’ll notice this complaint on Amazon reviews — though I think I’d blame a lot of this on the editor more than the author. Once I became used to the the writing style it stopped bothering me and the topics were so interesting and generated so many ideas that the book was well worth buying.

A secondary complaint I have was the (poor) quality of the eBook, but I’ll get into that more in a later post.

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