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    Canadian SF Works Database

    The Canadian SF Works Database is a useful reference guide to what has been published by Canadians. I’ve updated the 2010 list with my three stories published so far this year. I’m expecting to add at least two more to this list — “Digital Rights”, my Writers of the Future Winner, will be available this summer and “The Daughter’s Oath” is slated to appear in the Ricasso Press Anthology Through Blood and Iron. Now I just have to start selling some stories that will appear in 2011…

  • Writing Resources


    AnthologyBuilder takes stories previously published and allows you, the reader, to build a custom print anthology with the authors and stories of your choosing. I’ve created one anthology… it is a lot of fun picking the stories you want and you even get to choose the cover art. Looks like the website has been revamped lately. Check it out. And because I’m such a nice guy here’s the link to my author page there.

  • The Lazy Designer

    You are Not Smarter Than Them

    Overview Over time, especially with a string of successes under their belts, it is important for managers to watch out for the ‘we are smarter than them’ syndrome. You Are Not (Always) Smarter Than Them You’ve been in the industry for years. You’ve worked your way up through the design department and are now leading a design team on a great new project. People ask you questions because you always have the answers. Things are looking great, right? Nope… now is the time to be worried. Now is the time to make sure you are still open to what else is happening in the game industry and not disregarding the…