Pitch – Oil Islands

See, I often have ideas — not story ideas but just plain old ideas. These might be for a new company, a twist on an existing product, or something else entirely. Anyways on certain days, like today, I’ll let my brain take over. And no, I’m not bothering to go out looking to see if someone has already done these. I am also not even looking to see if these things are feasible (if they are, feel free to go out and make a million bucks with them). I am after all, a lazy guy right? Got other things not to do.

Feel free to mock the snot out of these too, especially this first one in which I know I’m stretching out on a limb of impossibility.

Oil Islands

This idea popped into my head while I was reading a book called Present at the Future by Ira Flatow, a nifty summary of ‘contemporary currents in science’. One chapter discusses ways to protect the east coast from further disasters like Katrina by building up the barrier islands. Now there’s also this little oil disaster happening on the East coast, all the leaked oil causing an environmental nightmare.


Can anyone clever out there figure out a way to turn some of that oil into a barrier island system to help disperse tropical storms? They are already building new barrier islands to help stop the spread of the oil slick itself but it seems there might be an opportunity here to do more with the oil itself…

Just saying.

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