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Lost Series Finale

Yeah I know I’m a bit late for a ‘what I thought of the Lost finale’ post but I got other stuff to do too.

Anyways, I’ve been an avid viewer of Lost since it started and I’ve enjoyed probably about 80% of the episodes and recruited a lot of people to watch it. In the end I was disappointed with the last season. But not by the finale. I think it worked and wrapped up the series, as changed by the events in the past couple seasons, reasonably.

Minor Spoilers — stop if you haven’t watched and plan to

What didn’t I like about the last season then? I enjoyed the sideways-arc… it kept me guessing. I enjoyed the wrapping up of many of the character arcs. That was all good. What I did not like was the whole ‘fantasy element’ and more than that it was just fantasy that it was so vague and bland. I had hoped up until the last couple seasons that there might be a cool sci-fi kind of explanation behind everything. The ‘light’ was, as others have noted, a weak way to wrap up loose ends. There was one episode in particular that made me feel like I’d wasted years on the series. That’s disappointing.

Anways, I got over it. And in the end I don’t feel I wasted my time watching Lost. It was a good show throughout and had dozens of memorable moments. And there’s not a lot of series that you can get such a cross-section of the population watching it and talking about it. I’ve had numerous discussions with my parents over specific episodes and that hasn’t happened a lot.

What I think it did well was to create such interesting characters that viewers who might normally be turned off by a sci-fi/fantasy storyline watched it, and eagerly. I think if people knew ahead of time how it would end many probably would not have watched it. And they would have missed out on a great experience. The backstories of most characters was worth the cost of admission and this is what I think most people watched for. Sure all the mysteries were good hooks and there was a constant ‘how weird will this get’ vibe with the show but I was turning on the television to find out what happened to Jack, Kate, Sawyer and the rest.

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  • Cori

    It’s true. By the end, I didn’t care that none of the mysteries were solved. I just wanted happy endings all around. And I got them.

    Sayid with his Shannon. Claire sane and with Charlie. Jin and Sun. Sawyer and Juliet. Hurley and Libby (and most of all, Hurley gets the island. That was very important to me. He deserved it.) Desmond and Penny. Locke and Boone. Richard gets to age. Bernard and Rose.

    It made me much happier than any explanation ever could have.

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