Daily Archives: June 2, 2010

Lost Series Finale

Yeah I know I’m a bit late for a ‘what I thought of the Lost finale’ post but I got other stuff to do too. Anyways, I’ve been an avid viewer of Lost since it started and I’ve enjoyed probably about 80% of the episodes and recruited a lot of people to watch it. In […]

Meaningless Weather Post

So a few days ago we had this: And today we have this: And the cat is doing this: And I was going to go do the same thing and relax outside except it is too windy. So inside I stay, and back to work.

Busily Self-employed

It is nearing a year since I left the dayjob but I actually think I might be working longer hours than ever before. I have a task list that seems never ending! How is that possible, you ask? I blame my brain. See, I always have things I want to check out. Aside from the […]