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Pirating Product

Pirates To be clear up front I don’t agree with pirating (copying and consuming commercial creative content without providing monetary compensation to the creator). But this post is a bit of a clarification on *what* exactly I do feel is appropriate. Creators (whether they be musicians, writers or game developers) spend a lot of time […]

Reminder – Lazy Designer on Game Design

For those new to the blog be sure to check the menu link that brings you to an index of Lazy Designer entries. After retiring from the videogame industry (BioWare) I occasionally put some of my wisdom :) to words in the hope of helping newcomers develop the skills they need. Eventually it will be […]

How (Not) To Parent

This is a don’t do what I did post. So I have a bad habit of cajoling my two year old to eat by saying things like, “Oh, you won’t like that. Don’t you dare eat it.” And (with a big smile) he eats it. And this worked well for several months. But now we […]

Making a product

One of the reasons I choose to go into the games industry versus the more conventional jobs I was considering after graduating from University was that I was very keen on making a product. Something physical that people could buy and bring into their homes. This is one of my motivations for writing too. I […]

Life After the Sell Out

So I’ve been an influencer on Empire Avenue since it started and last week I finally sold out, introducing me to the next phase of the game. (To put this sell out in context many people who hit the leaderboards sell out in a few weeks or less, took me a few months to reach […]

Inevitable post about G20

Like many Canadians I watched the news last night and was horrified by the vandalism during the G20. The Canadian government really failed Toronto. I’ve heard quotes of over a billion dollars spent in preparation for this day and a half summit and none of the preparations were able to stop the destruction. It is […]

The Kol Effect

My latest story in print, ‘The Kol Effect’ has shown up at my door. Well, not my door specifically, like by itself. Cause that would be weird. It is included however in Neo-Opsis #19, which arrived yesterday and has now made its way to the top of my to-read stack. Still waiting for my contributor’s […]

Reading PDFs with iBooks on an iPad

With the latest version of iTunes and iBooks I can now read pdfs through the iBooks app on my iPad… this makes me quite happy as the other PDF reader I was using didn’t have bookmark support (and iBooks does). And it means one less app I have cluttering my screen real estate. I do […]

Finishing the first Novel

Well I am nearing the finish line on the novel! The last third is going a lot faster than the previous sections though I suspect that has more to do with these chapters being more complete after the first draft than any newfound skill on my part. See, when I wrote the first draft I […]

James Moore insults Canadians… not cool

Lots of discussion around C-32, a copyright bill here in Canada. A couple videos with Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore belittling Canadians who oppose the bill. One at itworld and another on youtube. I’m very unhappy with his use of language as if disagreeing with a bill somehow makes the citizens disagreeing ‘bad people’. Every […]