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Author List – Through Blood and Iron

Since I’ve seen the table of contents for the Through Blood and Iron anthology announced elsewhere, I decided to post it here too. I am very pleased at the fine company my story ‘The Daughter’s Oath’ is keeping! Please note the table of contents might be incomplete as Rob from Ricasso Press was still looking for some flash fiction to flesh out the anthology.

Lindsay Buroker, “Through Fire Distilled”
Christopher Heath, “Azieran: Instant Carnage and the Secret of Runic Steel”
Brent Knowles, “The Daughter’s Oath”
Jeff Draper, “The Feorhmaegan”
Jeffery Scott Sims, “The Guardian of the Treasure”
Jason E. Thummel, “Talieron, Under the Bloodied Sun”
John M. Whalen, “The Hostage of Maldon”
Jason M. Waltz, “As Darkness Falls, so too Truth”
Bruce Durham, “Apocalypse”
Lee Reynoldson, “A Hound Against Hawks and Wolves”
Jo Thomas, “Broken Bear”
Peter J. Mitchell, “Blood and Taxes”
Nathan Meyer, “Blood and Thunder”
T. A. Markitan, “Bottom of the Wishing Well”
TW Williams, “Each Day Its Debt”
David Tallerman, “No Rest for the Wicked”
Steve Goble, “Deep as Death”
Bill Ward, “Secrets of the Iron Skull Order”
Nicholas Ozment, “Skin Deep”
Lance Schonberg, “Inside the Circle”
James Lecky, “Forged in Heaven, Tempered in Hell”
Craig Comer, “A Morning Storm in Lord Hairng’s Encampment”

Former lead designer at BioWare (Dragon Age: Origins, Neverwinter Nights). Creator of Raiders of the Serpent Sea.

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