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Quick Empire Avenue Comments

It has been interesting watching the growth of Empire Avenue over the last few months. I started in the first beta when it first opened up and now as people are able to invite others to join, its growing at a nice pace. Everyday I find new and interesting ‘content’ whether that be people’s blogs or twitter chains. Also I enjoy their achievement system. For example, a week or so they had their 1000th user join and had a contest to ‘discover’ the newcomer and everyone who did so was rewarded with an achievement. More recently they had a contest in which the CEO of the company had to wear the best ads displayed in Empire Avenue on a sandwich board and walk the streets of Montreal. (And of course the finalists received achievements).

I think Empire Avenue needs a lot of work (it can be a bit ‘noisy’ at the moment and the advertising system is not as effective as it will be) but the people working on it know what they are doing and I trust they’ll figure it out. It is very easy to connect to other people and stumble across concepts that you hadn’t even heard about before. Check it out, if you get the chance — you can usually find people with invites on twitter at #empireave.

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