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    A Ragman’s Vow in A Thousand Faces

    Just received my print contributor copies of A Thousand Faces #11. “A Ragman’s Vow”, originally published in On Spec Magazine, has been reprinted in this magazine of superhero stories. Copies of the print version of the magazine can be ordered through the A Thousand Faces website or the story can be read online there. (But you really should buy the print version as the authors earn a part of the proceeds… just saying.)

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    Feedback on new look

    The theme I’m using here (the erudite) is quite different from the one I use over on the yourothermind.com site. Please let me know if you like it or would like for me to try something different. This site should also work nicely on the iPhone and other devices thanks to the wordpress plugin wptouch. I will be importing all my gaming and writing posts from the other site after I’ve had the chance to finish setting things up.