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One Brave/Stupid Little Mouse

So on my way to drop the kids off at daycare I was stopped at an intersection and watched a mouse cross the street. Seriously.

I don’t know what it was thinking but instead of taking the straight line it was meandering all over the place. Maybe it was drunk, I don’t know, probably just so freaked out it was in a mad panic. It got really interesting once the traffic started to flow in front of me and this thing was moving everywhere except in the straight line that would have taken it to safety.

I was going to show it to my kids but I was pretty certain what the fate of the little mouse was going to be so I kept my mouth shut.

And then… hope! It circuitous route was finally bringing it close to the edge of the road. But for whatever reason only the mouse would know just as it reached the edge it turned around and veered back into traffic.

And a car ran over it.


I’m sure the mouse’s tail was ran over but the mouse had gotten under the car in time to avoid being flattened. For the next several seconds the mouse ran through the tires of the next three or four vehicles… never staying still, always moving and always barely escaping certain death.

Finally it reached the side of the road and I pointed it out to my kids.

Just as they were shouting, excited to see a ‘wild animal’, it fell through a hole in a manhole covering.

(I’m assuming it went into the manhole intentional and didn’t actually fall… but who knows with this one.)

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  • Oscar

    That’s a great story. I would have thought it would make it for a b line to the safe spot. I always thought mice were pretty clever, but I’m not sure anymore. Should have gotten it on video.

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