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Empire Avenue – The Big Reset

Last week was the final week of the closed beta test for Empire Avenue, a new social networking site, unique from others like Facebook and Twitter in that it allows the users (Influencers) to actively trade one another with virtual cash. Influencer’s value is determined by their online activity on other social networks. Cash earned […]

On Spec Free Issue

On Spec has put online a free digital copy of issue #76. Check it out here. And if you like it (and you will :)), please consider voting for On Spec in the Aurora Awards!

Looking for story feedback…

If you’ve read any of my stories feel free to add comments directly to the story pages themselves. These pages can be found by going to the bibliography page and clicking the story title. For example, this is the page for “A Ragman’s Vow”.

Read this week…

Finished reading Writers of the Future Volume XX this week. Stories that stood out for me more than others: Kinship by Jason Stoddard. A very interesting story with a future-human investigating whether a tribe of creatures qualify as human. The main character is torn about how humans have already changed and how much more some […]

Videogame Franchises… the slow death?

Over at IGN games there is an editorial discussing whether franchises are killing videogames. It is an interesting discussion, the idea that as gaming companies become more conservative and focus on ‘tried and true’ franchises, they stifle creativity. There’s some measure of truth to that and I do agree that franchises drown out ‘shelf and […]

Reading… Makers by Cory Doctorow

About halfway reading through Makers by Cory Doctorow… a very interesting read with some keen observations on where commerce may be heading (or maybe, should be heading). This is the first novel of his I have read though I have read many of his stories, being first introduced to him through On Spec magazine. Definitely […]

I'm a stock… on Empire Avenue

Well not a stock exactly… I think we’re called Influencers. This stock ticker’s price is based on how many people have bought shares in me and how active I am on the ‘net. I’ve been participating in the closed beta test for several weeks now and finding it to be fun If you think you […]

Rogue Blades Entertainment & Black Gate Subscription

Check out this notice over at Black Gate… basically you can get a rebate on a Rogue Blades anthology with the purchase of a new Black Gate subscription. Since my subscription to Black Gate has expired, I think I might go and take advantage of this…

This posts contains a detailed Astroboy Movie review

Meh. Seriously, if anyone wants a more detailed breakdown, let me know, but I was disappointed. And not a little.

Bibliography updated

I’ve now included links to print copies of the stories I have had published in my online bibliography.