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Asimov's Science Fiction now accepting Electronic Submissions!

Very thrilled to note via Whatever that Asimov’s is now accepting electronic submissions. Now I’m down to only three markets I submit to regularly that require postal subs (and I’ve heard that On Spec is moving towards electronic as well). See Asimov’s guidelines here.

On Spec #79 Review

Another great issue full of fun stories from On Spec. Orchids by Christopher Johnstone A man searching for odd creatures — and always disappointed — goes to a forest looking for a dryad. A good story, with an interesting take on the dryad as creature and theme. Carter Hall Judges the Lines by Marissa Lingen […]

Anyone know what kind of bug this is?

Have had to make a few of these walk the plank the last few days.

A Note About Reviews

For the Readers Occasionally I do reviews of magazines and novels on the blog. These reviews are almost always short and generally positive, more of a “hey I read this”. I’ll seldom go into great detail, usually only if I really like or dislike something, or if I know the person who has written the […]

More reasons I like my iPod Touch

I don’t own a cell phone. Have only had one, once, and for a very short span of time and doubt I’ll ever own one again. I don’t understand people walking, driving, and standing at counters, talking and texting away on their little devices. In truth, I find it annoying. But… I consider myself a […]


This is just an observational post based my own experiences. I’m posting because I’m still surprised by the outrage against the move towards fairer and more all-encompassing healthcare in the United States. I really can’t wrap my mind around why people object to it, and so strongly. Our family’s most recent ‘medical’ incident was that […]

E-mail Etiquette the CC vs BCC

So the other day I received an e-mail from an editor, the contents of which are unimportant. But what is important is that the editor did a carbon copy of the email to dozens of other authors (using the cc field). So? The problem with this is that I now have the e-mail addresses for […]

Board of Directors anyone?

Since I’ve retired from a dayjob I’ve been supporting myself a bit with my writing but primarily through stock and fund investments (the realworld kind, not the Empire Avenue kind). One aspect of owning stock that I hadn’t thought much about before actually owning shares in a company was the board of directors. Now I […]

The Underachieving Story

Currently I’m struggling through editing/rebuilding a story I wrote the first draft of back in January. I’m really procrastinating (hence this blog post). It just has never had the ‘magic’ I thought the original concept would deliver. Anyways, I went through some old notes on other stories as a way to avoid the dread edit […]

Iceland 1 World 0

What one volcano in Iceland has been able to do to this ever-so-interconnected world of ours has been fascinating. I’ve been following the news voraciously. I’ve always liked Iceland, reading their eddas several years ago and I plan to visit one day. And the first story I had published was a story about Iceland (or […]