Daily Archives: March 3, 2010

A Ragman's Vow… Back Again

“A Ragman’s Vow” which is the first story I had published in On Spec has been reprinted in A Thousand Faces #11, a superhero themed magazine. A Thousand Faces has a somewhat unique distribution in that all of the stories can be read online, for free, or a print version can be ordered with the […]

The Anthology Project

Check out The Anthology Project if you’re looking for something new and interesting. From their website: The Anthology Project collects the comics of artists unified by their delirious pursuit of compelling narrative and notable artistic work in the medium of sequential art. Its humble intent is only to delight. Several of the artists involved work […]

Bibliography Updated

Okay, I’ve put up a new bibliography including my forthcoming stories for 2010. It is an alphabetical listing, with notes on which stories have been reprinted and for any stories with online or eBook versions, links to download them. The images at the top of the page are randomly pulled from the covers of issues […]