Monthly Archives: January 2010

Story available on the Kindle

While I don’t have a dedicated ebook reading device like the Sony reader or the Kindle I have been reading eBooks and stories on my Ipod Touch for almost a year now. I have all the various bookstore apps on it including Stanza, eReader and Kindle. But what I hadn’t thought about, ever, and I […]

BioWare-Brent Year 6 (Fall 2004 – Summer 2005)

This is the sixth of ten posts, one for each year that I worked for BioWare. And Along Came Jade So there I was busily working away on Dragon Age, settling into a good routine when one day I’m drawn into a Serious Discussion. Now these are always worrying, they usually mean something is up. […]

Dragon Age Review at

I was pleased to stumble across a Dragon Age review on the blog. Mur Lafferty, the blogger, is enjoying the game and has written an entertaining review.

The Monastery in Not One of Us – Hidden

Each year, between issues of Not One of Us, a special themed issue is created. This year the theme is ‘things that are hidden’ and my story “The Monastery” was included as part of the issue. This is one of my favorite stories and introduces Sabriel, a character who has appeared in several of my […]

Story Sale – Details

The story sale I mentioned last week was to Northern Frights Publishing’s War of the Worlds: Frontlines anthology. The story is a short science fiction tale called “John’s List”. The anthology should be available later this year.

Review for "From the Sea"

A nice review from SFCrowsnest about my story “From the Sea” in On Spec #78 …This story is not very heavy on fantasy but it’s perceptive about humans. The bleak setting and the hard life of a fishing village were well conveyed and the story was quite moving. Read the full review here. In all […]

Matthew Hughes giveaway

Matthew Hughes, a science-fiction and fantasy author, recently announced a contest being hosted by the Fantasy Book Critic blog giving away sets of his Hapthorn books. Check it out. Details are on the Fantasy Book Critic Site:

Early Birthday Present!

Last year I received news that my story “The Tale of Lady Spite” had been accepted by Tales of the Talisman exactly on the day of my birthday. Now, this year I’ve found out that I’ve sold another story, just a few days before my birthday. Pretty excited and a great way to start the […]

Still here… update

Things have been quiet, what with the holidays and finishing up a basement development. I also finished the rough draft of another sci-fi story set in the same universe as Digital Rights and I’m on the fifth chapter of my novel. Writing, or starting to write, the novel was a big turning point for me. […]