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2009 – Wrap Up

This is my year end summary of my writing endeavors for 2009. I was still working at BioWare for three quarters of this year, so I’m expecting my productivity to increase for 2010. That said, I’m quite happy with the number of acceptances I’ve received this year. Stories Written in 2009: Four science fiction stories […]

Review – PHP Cookbook

The PHP Cookbook by David Sklar and Adam Trachtenberg is an excellent reference manual for PHP. I’ve meddled with PHP a bit in the past, but now after going through the book, I feel a lot more confident about my ability to use PHP and know that if I’m stuck there will likely be a […]

BioWare-Brent Year 5 (Fall 2003 – Summer 2004)

This is the fifth of ten posts, one for each year that I worked for BioWare. Conquering the Hordes of the Underdark As summer 2003 turned into fall, the Hordes of the Underdark team was hard at work on the second Neverwinter Nights expansion. We were fast approaching our deadlines and I was able to […]

iPhone Game Development

iPhone Game Development (Paul Zirkle and Joe Hogue — O’Reilly) is the second iPhone development book that I have read. The first, The iPhone Developer’s Cookbook was a general introduction to development on the iPhone while this book is focused on building games. To start with the book does a good job of laying out […]


Generally I enjoy the cold and the snow. That is probably a good thing given where I live. But every year, usually around the time that the first major snowfall hits us I do wonder… why am I not living somewhere warmer? Somewhere where I’m not spending afternoons pushing cars free of snow-entrenched alleys, or […]

Leaving BioWare… three months later

Three months ago I left BioWare after having worked there for ten years. It was a big decision, probably the biggest I have ever made. In a previous post I talk a bit about why I left. Since I ‘retired’, BioWare released Dragon Age, a title I had worked on for 5-6 years. I do […]

Google Reader

This post isn’t for those of you who already have your own favorite way of keeping track of blogs and websites that you frequent regularly. It is directed towards those folks out there who, like myself a year ago, really want to read all the interesting things people were posting and updating frequently but are […]

Fallout 3 Game Review

Okay, finally finished Fallout 3. Yeah, I know it took me a year but while working at BioWare I was too busy to actually finish games… I could only try them out. So retirement has been nice in that I can actually enjoy games again. And I did enjoy this one. Beware… there are spoilers […]

Rich Horton – On Spec

Every year Rich Horton’s does a year end summary of all the fiction he has read in the year (how does he find the time to read all these magazines?!). He has recently posted his summary for On Spec 2009. Last year he said he liked “A Ragman’s Vow” and this year he mentioned me […]