"The Tale of Lady Spite" as told in Tales of the Talisman

Received my contributor’s copies of Tales of the Talisman Volume V Issue 2, in which my dark fantasy story “The Tale of Lady Spite” appears.

Tales of the Talisman has custom artwork for all the stories and I was pleased to see what Erika McGinnis had created for my story. Though I have had much experience with artists taking my words and transforming them into something visual through my years working on videogames, having an artist do the same for one of my stories is much more personal and delightful.

With “The Tale of Lady Spite” and “From the Sea” I now have two stories set in my dark fantasy world in print. A third, “The Daughter’s Oath” will be appearing in the anthology Through Blood and Iron shortly.

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Brent Knowles

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  • http://www.OccasionalDrivel.com Sean Phillips

    Congrats Brent! I just ordered a copy and I’m looking forward to reading your story. I’ve never seen “Tales of the Talisman” so it should be interesting. I don’t ready nearly as much Sci Fi or Fantasy as I used to, but I still dabble every now and then…

  • http://yourothermind.com/ Brent Knowles

    Hope you enjoy the story (and the other stories in Tales)! It generally has an interesting mix of sci-fi, fantasy and ‘other stuff’.


  • Lucille Jacobsen

    Hi Brent – I received the “Tales of the Talisman” Volume V Issue 2 and read “The Tale of Lady Spite” and quite enjoyed meeting Lory and Gren. It was a good story which was very well written and quite captivating. I also enjoyed some of the other stories and a couple of the poems. I was shocked with “Scissors Lore” and you know what? It’s true!! It happened to me. Course this stuff only happens if you believe it. Congratulations Brent – I look forward to your next story.

  • http://yourothermind.com/ Brent Knowles

    I’m glad you liked the story and that’s cool you ordered a copy of Tales! Thanks.

    – Brent