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    Review On Spec #77

    A little late in reading this one as I just finished it before #78 arrived but I had to clear a backlog of other stuff first. Wish I hadn’t waited so long because this is certainly one of my more favorite issues of On Spec in the last while. The Resident Guest By Sandra Glaze A young woman working in a hotel grows up under the watchful eye of a ghost (a World War veteran) that lives in the hotel. This was a fascinating story, hitting the reader on several levels. Really enjoyed this one. The Far-springer by E. Catherine Tobler One of medusa’s sisters tries to survive in a…

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    Dragon Age Origins has gone gold

    According to BioWare’s webpage Dragon Age has gone gold. Should be in stores next week. (In case you’re just jumping in and wondering why I care, I was the lead designer on Dragon Age for the majority of its development.) I’m thrilled for the team, years of their hard work have made this a fantastic game. I’m hoping they can relax a bit and just enjoy the thrill that comes from seeing the game they made show up on store shelves. More than likely they are already working busily away on other exciting things.