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The Tale of Lady Spite


Details are up about the next issue of Tales of the Talisman, which includes my story “The Tale of Lady Spite”. Click here to go to TalesOfTheTalisman.com for more info. I believe the issue goes to print soon, if not already.

The full table of contents I’ve reproduced here:

The Adopted
Story by Lawrence R. Dagstine
Illustration by Paul Niemiec

Poem by John Hayes

Dinner in Daylight
Story by Audrey Hollis
Illustration by Neil T. Foster

Hell’s Jazz Band
Poem by Todd Hanks

The Boundary
Story by Eric Bonholtzer
Illustration by Leila del Duca

Two Poems by Noel Sloboda

Ghostbusters: The Last Great Horror/ Comedy
Essay by Dan Graffeo

When Living Is a Crime
Story by J Alan Erwine
Illustration by Jag Lall

Joanie the Jammer
Poem by Kurt MacPhearson & Rick Yennik

November 10
Story by Vaughn Wright
Illustration by Tom Kelly

Not to Be
Story by Karen Anne Mitchell
Illustration by Russell Morgan

after the memory
Poem by Joshua Gage

The Hole Story
Story by Rik Hunik
Illustration by Teresa Tunaley

Shared Insight
Poem by Robert E. Porter

spukhafte Fernwirkung
Poem by W. Gregory Stewart

Stoli and Solitude
Story by Danielle Ackley-McPhail
Illustration by April Martinez

The Tale of Lady Spite
Story by Brent Knowles
Illustration by Erika McGinnis

Exchanging Glances
Poem by John Grey

Story by Carma Lynn Park
Illustration by Jim Collins

First god in the house
Poem by Kristine Ong Muslim

Salish Space Aliens
Poem by Gary Every

Scissors Lore
Poem by L.N. Allen

Story by Frankie Robertson
Illustration by F.T. McKinstry

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