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    Beneath Ceaseless Skies

    I love reading digital books, but hate reading anything online. I prefer a distraction free environment (my pda or iPod touch) and find the scrolling interface of web text annoying. So as much as I enjoyed Beneath Ceaseless Skies when it showed up on the web, I only read a few stories. But now they offer a pdf version and a mobipocket version! Download the latest version here.

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    Spellchecking tools are available on any note. Spellchecking What does it do? YourOtherMind has an editable list of words (US English only currently) that can be used to check for spelling mistakes. This list is also used to generate random sentences and names. How To Use It Open the editbar and choose Features|Spellcheck. Applies To Notes To learn more about YourOtherMind, Creative Sidekick and Writer’s Organizer, visit the main discussion page. To learn more about Brent Knowles, the creator of YourOtherMind, visit his main page.

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    On Spec now has a digital subscription available

    Excited to see that On Spec has a digital subscription available. If you haven’t read this fantastic magazine you really should (and not just because it has published a couple of my stories). Some much finer writers than me have been published in its pages (such as Robert Sawyer and Cory Doctorow and Leah Bobet and Tony Pi and jeez, the list just goes on an on). Digital versions means you’ll save a bit on the postage (or a lot if you live in some far off land).* Also noticed that the cover art for the next issue of On Spec, in which my story “From the Sea” appears, is…