Fullscreen Writing Mode

Allows writing in an uncluttered, fullscreen environment with all the power of YourOtherMind available but kept out of sight.

Fullscreen Writing Mode

What does it do?

Allows the writer to focus on the current text. Several advanced formatting tools are also available only in fullscreen mode such as access to cosmetic color changes (i.e., white text on blue background). It also has re-formatting options to convert a text between various styles (some markets like italics to be represented by underlines for example).

How To Use It

Right-click any note and select Full Screen Editor and then start writing. Changes will be saved automatically (ctrl+s still saves too). To view advanced features click the thin gray strip at the top. This will toggle the advanced tools.

Advanced Tools Topbar

  • Adjust text size (view only — useful if user has trouble reading small text)
  • Bold, Italics, Underline, Strikethru, Bullets
  • Align text (left, right, center)
  • Insert Date
  • Insert Object Shape
  • Change Font
  • Highlight
  • Show Editbar

    Advanced Tools Sidebar

  • Print
  • Print Setup
  • Save as Rich Text (to save into an external file, perhaps to submit via e-mail to a fiction market)
  • Save As Template (saves the file into the template directory so that it can be available as a template elsewhere)
  • View – Background Color (adjust the background)
  • View – Foreground Color (adjusts the foreground color)
  • Cycle Color Scheme (press this to cycle through several background and foreground color combinations)
  • Line Spacing (choose from single, 1.5 and double spacing. Adjusts entire document or selection)
  • Remove Tabs
  • Insert single line between paragraphs (some writing markets require this, generally if the submission is pasted into the body of an email)
  • Italics to Underline
  • Underline to Italics
  • Underline to Underscore
  • Underscore to Underline
  • Single Space after Periods
  • Cancel Edits. Exits without saving any changes since the last time ctrl+s was pressed

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