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The editbar is available from any note and has find, replace, and other several editing features (spellchecking, grammar watch, and more).


What does it do?

How To Use It

Press Ctrl + F to open it. The user can immediately enter text and press enter to initiate a find operation.

Additionally they can do the following:

  • Replace operation (by clicking beside the word Find to invoke replace menu)
  • Select exact matches only by clicking the Exact button
  • Select a chunk of text and see how many words are in
  • See the current page number
  • Press GrammarList to start searching their text for common grammar mistakes (defined in a user editable list)

    By pressing the Features submenu button they can also:

  • Spellcheck (and easily add new words to the existing American Dictionary*)
  • View statistics (# of sentences et cetera)
  • See a grid showing how many ‘overused phrases’ are present in the text
  • Perform a dialog review (note: this feature is in beta and only supports basic dialog analysis)
  • Insert Random Names or Random Sentences
  • Archive the current version of the text with the Versions feature

    Advanced:There are special codes that can be typed into the find text bar to invoke advanced operation. Most of these are not suggested as being used but one can be helpful:

    Type ~AddWords and the user is brought to the ‘raw’ dictionary and can edit entries directly

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    * Other languages will be available in future versions if there is a demand for them

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