Daily Archives: October 20, 2009

Fullscreen Writing Mode

Allows writing in an uncluttered, fullscreen environment with all the power of YourOtherMind available but kept out of sight. Fullscreen Writing Mode What does it do? Allows the writer to focus on the current text. Several advanced formatting tools are also available only in fullscreen mode such as access to cosmetic color changes (i.e., white […]

Version System

Keeps copies of the richtext in notes. Version System What does it do? Archives ‘drafts’ or versions of stories or other documents stored in YourOtherMind’s notebook. How To Use It Invoke the editbar (ctrl + f) and select Features|Versions. The user will be brought to a screen with a list of existing archives (if any). […]


(Click on image for non-blurry) The editbar is available from any note and has find, replace, and other several editing features (spellchecking, grammar watch, and more). Editbar What does it do? How To Use It Press Ctrl + F to open it. The user can immediately enter text and press enter to initiate a find […]