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Review On Spec #77

A little late in reading this one as I just finished it before #78 arrived but I had to clear a backlog of other stuff first. Wish I hadn’t waited so long because this is certainly one of my more favorite issues of On Spec in the last while. The Resident Guest By Sandra Glaze […]

Dragon Age Origins has gone gold

According to BioWare’s webpage Dragon Age has gone gold. Should be in stores next week. (In case you’re just jumping in and wondering why I care, I was the lead designer on Dragon Age for the majority of its development.) I’m thrilled for the team, years of their hard work have made this a fantastic […]

"From the Sea" has arrived!

Took a break and checked the mail and found that my copy of On Spec has arrived which features my story “From the Sea” and an interview with me! And I also noticed that AnthologyBuilder did their periodic update announcing what has been added recently, including my story ‘His Island’. I also finished writing the […]

Adding 'All' to a section

On the table of contents notebooks have the word ‘All’ in the dropdown when filtering but the section list does not for user-created sections. Luckily users can add this manually themselves: Go to Tools|Options Select Notebook Layout Find the notebook you want and click on it Above (Add Section) enter All and then press ADD […]

Rendezvous at Angels Thirty

I focus most of my reviewing effort on smaller press and lesser known magazines but I do have subscriptions to some of the larger magazines such as Analog. These magazines receive many reviews already by professionals, so I won’t start doing that but when stories particularly interest me I’m going to make a small mention […]

The Tale of Lady Spite

Details are up about the next issue of Tales of the Talisman, which includes my story “The Tale of Lady Spite”. Click here to go to for more info. I believe the issue goes to print soon, if not already. The full table of contents I’ve reproduced here: The Adopted Story by Lawrence R. […]

From the Sea

Cover: © Cristy Road “Slay the Demons in Your Head” My story, “From the Sea” is now available in the Fall 2009 issue of On Spec. If you have the time check it out.

Beneath Ceaseless Skies

I love reading digital books, but hate reading anything online. I prefer a distraction free environment (my pda or iPod touch) and find the scrolling interface of web text annoying. So as much as I enjoyed Beneath Ceaseless Skies when it showed up on the web, I only read a few stories. But now they […]


Spellchecking tools are available on any note. Spellchecking What does it do? YourOtherMind has an editable list of words (US English only currently) that can be used to check for spelling mistakes. This list is also used to generate random sentences and names. How To Use It Open the editbar and choose Features|Spellcheck. Applies To […]

On Spec now has a digital subscription available

Excited to see that On Spec has a digital subscription available. If you haven’t read this fantastic magazine you really should (and not just because it has published a couple of my stories). Some much finer writers than me have been published in its pages (such as Robert Sawyer and Cory Doctorow and Leah Bobet […]