Monthly Archives: September 2009

Story Updates

I’ve converted ‘Skin Dancing’ and ‘Remembrances’ into the Flash Reader format for easy web-reading. I’ve also posted a never published story called ‘John and Socrates’. I wrote this story for a philosophy class in the early 90s. I decided to post the old, unedited version (’cause I’m lazy), so please no laughing.

Ogame Rant

I’ve been playing a text-based online game for several months now called oGame. I enjoyed its minimalistic interface — it was very easy to go in and do a few quick things and then get out, onto other things. A fun, background activity. I’ve even shelled money out for it, to receve some perks (it […]

From Mountains of Ice

This is a novel by Lorina Stephens. Full disclosure: I am a member of SFCanada of which Lorina is also a member. I don’t really know, other than through SFCanada’s very interesting discussion list. Overall I found the novel to be an interesting journey through a land rife with political turmoil. Initially I was a […]

Tales of the Talisman Vol 5, Issue 1 Review

The Trouble with Tansy F.T. McKinstry This is a strong fantasy story, concerning a reclusive gardener and the magic disruptions in her garden. Liked it. A Minor Miracle Michelle D. Sonnier This is a cute ‘rural fantasy’ story, predictable but good. A Tale of Two Prophecies W.A. Hoffman Another good fantasy tale, delving a little […]

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell

I finally rescued this book from my big pile of unread novels. The first novel by author Susanna Clarke, this was an exceptional read. It had been recommended to me by several people, but took me a while to get around to reading. It is a large book and once finished, you’ll certainly feel you […]

BioWare-Brent Year 2 (2000 – 2001)

This is the second of ten posts, one for each year that I worked for BioWare. A new engine, is like, new, you know After a short vacation and little basking in pleasure over Baldur Gate 2, I moved onto the Neverwinter Nights project. This was my first exposure to a game with an engine […]

A Ragman's Vow – to be reprinted

It looks like a “A Ragman’s Vow” which was originally published in On Spec will be reprinted. I’ll have more details on the magazine that has agreed to republish it once things are finalized and I know which issue it will show up in. Very excited!. Also, I hope to have the ‘year 2’ BioWare […]

Mass Effect Galaxy

Pretty mixed reviews on this one so far. If you don’t know what it is, Mass Effect Galaxy is an iPod Touch / iPhone game made by BioWare and set in the popular Mass Effect universe. I didn’t work on the game, but did some late-in-the-day testing of it. While I agree with several of […]

Building a Shed

So my wife and I built a shed on the weekend. It was a precut package, so on the surface it seemed relatively simple, just a bit of hammering and whatnot, but we needed it in between the garage and the fence, so some customization was required to make it fit into such a small […]