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Review: Tales of the Talisman Volume 4 Issue 4

Dragon Offerings
Janni Lee Simner
Nice story about an alternative future world where Dragon’s exist and the consequences of their existence in relation to one teenager, in particular.

Unicorn Chase
Douglas Empringham
A rather long fantasy story concerning the investigation of a witch’s death. Competently told, but I never really symphasized with any of the major characters in the story, possibly because I was a little confused by all the different characters and events in the story. It was perhaps a little ambitious and wasn’t able to build a solid enough foundation from which I could confidently experience the tale.

Andi Newton
Clever story, saying much about it would weaken the impact of the narrative, but it is a story that carries you along for a very enjoyable reading experience.

Dreams and Nightmares
Bradley H. Sinor
A story about the Templars and time traveling. Good story, well written, and engaging.

J Alan Erwine
The nation-strife that pervades Earth extends to its colonies on the moon. I emphasized with the main character and his assessment of conflict.

Red House, Blue House, My House, Your House
Mark Anthony Brennan
A future world where all travel is done by teleporation, but in a system that is heavily regulated. This is a family story, a modern son, and a father who belongs to an earlier period, and their conflict over this changing technology.

Ain’t Technology Wonderful
Jim Chandler
A disturbing tale of what happens when a government becomes overzealous and exerts too heavy a hand over its citizens.

Collar and Chain
K.S. Hardy
The journal of a man trying to survive in a future world where people have become pets for uncaring aliens. While not an original concept, this story takes the reader into a solid world, interesting in and of itself, narrated by a like able character. A good story.

Dutchman Rescue
Michael D. Turner
A space rescue goes oddly wrong. A satisfying mystery tale, set deep in space.

Pond Scum
Jim Lee
This is a story about a rather exclusive writer’s group, where new members are frowned upon… extremely frowned upon. Obvious, but fun.

Witch’s Skin
Rik Hunik
I enjoyed this story concerning magic hidden away in an old house. Unique, and well written, I was drawn into the story.

Secret Lives of the Undead
Glynn Barrass
A short-short from the perspective of one particular undead. Good.

Where Time Slips
Lee Clark Zumpe
This is one of the best in this issue, an involved story — a mysterious house, disappearances, and hauntings. I was hooked; struggling to figure out the secret behind the house, along with the protagonist. Well told, and well worth the read.

A Fury’s Fortune
Robert T. Knight
We all struggle for acceptance, and Maggie has more to fear than most, when it comes to acceptance. Good story.

The Blessed Days
Mike Allen
A very satisfying story. The concept of the Blessings, blood pouring from people every night, makes for such an intriguing world in which to explore the changed dynamics of a blossoming relationship. Very good.

Overall, I enjoyed this magazine and glad I’ve picked up a subscription to it.

Former lead designer at BioWare (Dragon Age: Origins, Neverwinter Nights). Creator of Raiders of the Serpent Sea.

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