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Review: Murky Depths #5

Realize this review is out of order from the other Murky Depths reviews, but figured later is better than never.

The Nightrunner
Christopher Hawkins
More a vignette than a full story, it was okay, but did not really grab my attention.

So this is Mi
Allison Littlewood
This story of a woman discovering a secret behind her brother’s new girlfriend was well-written, and interesting, though a bit predictable.

Spoils of the Thirteen Valkyrie
Liza Granville
This is a very disturbing tale of a woman paying money to experience a brutal encounter, I had a general idea where the story was going, but the effectiveness of the writing still delivered a satisfying payload. This is the kind of story that lingers in a reader’s mind long after the initial reading.

A Gland Enterprise
Bill Ward
Yuck (but a good yuck). This short short story concerns the origins of the giant floating beasts that are hunted by the survivors of a crash on a planet.

Halls of the Tallomai
Lee Moan
A strongly crafted adventure tale. A unit of solders is trying to survive against a hostile, and persuasive alien. A good read.

Killer of the Dead
Edward Merdelac
A boy witness the near massacre of his tribe by a band of white men. He goes with the survivors to enact revenge, but there is something wrong with the white men. I enjoyed this story, emphasized with the character.

Lisa J Koosis
An alien snowfall changes the world forever. I liked the story, a man, Roger, finally braving the outer world, one last attempt to ‘be adventurous’ even as he is changing from his contact with the snow. A well done examination of a man’s character in the face of very alien change.

The Digitally Damned
Ross Kimble
A nice tale of a man obsessed with living in a digital universe getting the opportunity of a lifetime, a deal he can’t say no to.

The Look
Sylvanus Moxley
I don’t really focus in on the comics — they’re good, but not my cup of tea — but I liked The Look. Can’t say anything about it, without spoiling it, but its good.

Matthew Doyle
On the perils of addiction, just another short short, a glimpse inside a new type of addiction and the consequences of it.

Misty Rain
Michael J Deluca
A brother and sister are desperately trying to get aboard a mysterious train in the middle of nowhere. A haunting, ethereal tale, well written, and engaging. Enjoyed it.

Overall, a good issue, and as my other reviews indicate I am enjoying Murky Depths more with each issue.

Former lead designer at BioWare (Dragon Age: Origins, Neverwinter Nights). Creator of Raiders of the Serpent Sea.

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