Monthly Archives: June 2009

Not a Flash game

Just doing some playing around with flash and am working my way through the solid tutorial by Emanuele Feronato. Why am I doing this? Just some skill development. Moved the flash apps to my dedicated flash page.

Canada – Health Care

Is Free Medicine, Good Medicine? Until this last week I would have strongly defended the benefits of the Canadian Health Care system (versus the horror stories I hear about what occurs south of the border). I think, that’s because, I seldom have to use it. Before I go further, this will not a criticism of […]

AnthologyBuilder – submit your artwork!

I just created a fantastic anthology with AnthologyBuilder but I would have loved more cover art to choose from. If you’re an artist and have some art you think might be suitable for covers, check out the art submission guidelines.

AnthologyBuilder – my first anthology

I’ve built my first anthology from AnthologyBuilder and am eagerly awaiting its arrival. The process for constructing the anthology was painless and it was a lot of fun going through the story lists looking for stories that were appropriate. I’ll let you know what I think of the quality when the book arrives. Here’s the […]

Big… big change coming

Still working out the details. More info when I’m ready to share.

Editors interview at Clarkesworld

Clarkesworld has posted an interview with several editors answering questions about what their magazines are looking for. Originally discovered from the Black Gate blog.

SubSonic – No stored procedures?

Using C# 2.0 + MySQL + SubSonic 2.1 I ran into a problem where no stored procedures were being generated. I did some webdigging but did not find the exact answer (was asking the wrong question). Anyways after diving into the subsonic code I found the source of the problem but was not certain how […]

Ossian Studios

If you’re interested in Neverwinter Nights or Neverwinter Nights 2 adventures, check out Ossian studios. Their CEO is Alan Miranda, who I worked with while he was employed with Bioware.