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His Majesty's Dragon by Naomi Novik

I should preface this post by noting that I know Naomi, having worked with her for a short period of time on the first Neverwinter Nights expansion pack, Shadows of Undrentide. Though to show how little I knew her, I had no idea she was writing (or was going to write) a novel. She was […]

Writing Awards, eBooks, and other thoughts

So, I’m back from a short vacation and while I was gone most of the major awards, Huge, Nebula, Prix-Aurora, and so on have announced their lists of nominees. There are several stories that I haven’t read in the lists so I’ve been trying to snag the ones that are available. Luckily I have subscriptions […]

Shimmer #10 Free Copy!

I’ve read a few issues of Shimmer, a fiction magazine, and I enjoy it quite a bit. To celebrate their tenth issue, they are giving it away for free. Download it here:

Associated Content

I’ve posted a little article about my experience with developing basements to Associated Content. This is the first article I’ve posted there and is a bit of an experiment… anyone else have experience using this site to host/broadcast their stuff?“

On Spec #75 Winter 2008/09

A solid issue, as usual. My favourites this time around would be: Every Single Round a Last Call – Ryan Laliberte     This was a more interesting than normal time travel story. A man is stuck moving through time, but sits in a bar, the bartender a constant presence in his life while everything else  changes […]

Pol Pot's Beautiful Daughter

This is a beautiful story, I read it over a year ago and just reviewed it today and was surprised at how readily I remembered this interesting tale. Set in a Cambodia that is not quite the same Cambodia of our world but one that feels authentic, this is the story of ghosts, specifically ghosts […]


I am off work for a while and am attempting to catch up on numerous projects. I finished my first story since our second son was born last year and have sent it to the Writers of the Future Contest… I used to submit to that every quarter but I’ve missed the last few. I […]

Writers of the Future XXIII

I have a huge backlog of books to read, among them a bunch of L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future volumes. Anyways I just finished volume XXIII and there were several stories I really enjoyed (I liked them all, but a handful stood out for me). The Sun God At Dawn, Rising From a […]