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Murky Depths

Murky Depths is a relatively new magazine of dark, speculative fiction. I have subscribed to it for a while now.

The magazine features an interesting blend of comic versus traditionally formatted stories. The one common thread that ties the stories together is the previously mentioned “dark”. There are no happy endings here.

The latest issue was #7 and while I don’t think it was as good as issue #6 (which was the best so far, in my opinion) it had some solid stories. And all of them were interesting.

My favorites this time around are “The Longest Road in the Universe” by CS MacCath, which features the correspondence between a man and his family as he travels through the universe, trying to resolve himself to the new future he faces now that his “master” has left him.

I also enjoyed Haruspex by William Douglas Goodman, a story of a family coming to grips with the death of one of their own. Bait by Paul Milliken was also well written and engaging, though I guess I somewhat hoped for a different ending.

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