Monthly Archives: February 2009

Writer profile added to Writertopia

The kind folks at Writertopia have added a profile for me on their site. I’ll be keeping that up to date, along with this site going forward. Check it out here: Brent’s Writer Profile This came about from me finding out that I was possibly eligible for the John W. Campbell award. I confirmed with […]

Murky Depths

Murky Depths is a relatively new magazine of dark, speculative fiction. I have subscribed to it for a while now. The magazine features an interesting blend of comic versus traditionally formatted stories. The one common thread that ties the stories together is the previously mentioned “dark”. There are no happy endings here. The latest issue was […]

Kindle 2, audiobooks, and the elusive Writing Career

Reading recent posts by Stephen Kotowych and Robert Sawyer about the Kindle’s ability to read books aloud and how that might impact the future revenue of writers, has got me thinking about whether a writing career is even really possible. And if so, how to achieve that… because few, even succesful writers, make their money […]

"End of the Road" review – podcast

Stumbled upon an older podcast that contains (among other things) a review Not One of Us #35. This was the issue in which my first Wanderer story “The End of the Road” was published. Listen to the podcast here.

StickIt – Background Color… what happened!?

Before version 8.1 of YourOtherMind, the writer’s organizer, the background color for a StickIt page was determined by the user’s choice of desktop colors. We wanted to give the user more control over this and so with version 8.1 the user can set the color manually (by going to the Details tab on the main […]

Fast Ships, Black Sails

Still scanning Richard Horton’syear-end updates and noticed that he mentioned that he really liked Naomi Novik’s story “Araminta; or, The Wreck of the Amphidrake” in the anthology Fast Ships, Black Sails. Congrats go out to her, according to Naomi’s blog, this is her first short story published (though she, of course, has been very succesful […]

Little Big Planet – A bit more…

Still playing Little Big Planet, or more aptly, now I’m building levels. I’m experimenting with building some child-friendly levels — simpler things that require less coordination, hopefully something my three year old might be able to play a bit more easily. I’m impressed with the building tools. I am a lot more familiar with structured […]