Monthly Archives: December 2008

What is a Worgan?

I get email every once in a while from people who are still using Worgan or have just stumbled upon it. Worgan means Writers Organizer and was the first shareware program I wrote. The concepts I developed in that led to me creating YourOtherMind and Visual Desk. While Worgan was very useful I knew I […]

Wii Music

I’m a huge fan of the Wii. As a device that includes the entire family in my gaming, its fantastic. I’ll blog more on it, and go into some detailed analysis of why this console is the most exciting one for me this console generation later. For now I want to talk about Wii Music. […]

New website up

The move from my old website into this wordpress one is complete. YourOtherMind, author pages, Visual Desk, all my writing goodies and free stories are now available here.

Upgrade to WordPress 2.7 completed

Fairly painless though a lot of little manual steps. Everything seemed to transfer over properly though and I learned a few things, which is always a Good Thing.

Site migration 75% done

All the really important pages are up and running under our new site. I’ll continue to migrate the other ones, hopefully finishing tomorrow. Will also probably update to the new version of WordPress (the software running this site).

WordPress… awesome

There’s been a few glitches but I’m about 25% of the way migrating my old site into this wordpress site. Maintenance is going to get a lot easier, which should mean more frequent updates and other goodies. Meanwhile, while you’re waiting for the update, might I urge you to go and subscribe to On Spec […]