Monthly Archives: October 2008

StickIt Pages for Keeper

YourOtherMind 8.0 has been posted to the website. This new version’s primary feature addition is the StickIt page type which is a visual page that allows for notes, images and timelines to be manipulated on the screen. Two video tutorials have been posted to the YourOtherMind details page.

Review of "Ragman's Vow" Available

A review of the On┬áSpec issue in which “A Ragman’s Vow” appeared can be found at The Fix I’m very glad the reviewer enjoyed my story so much!

Pure Speculation

Attended Edmonton's gaming/writing convention for the first time this year. Was only able to make Saturday as I had another gaming event for Sunday… plus had to go into work for a bit. There were lots of interesting things going on, and it was neat to walk around and see the magazine displays, fan clubs, […]

Keeper compared with Papel, AtNote

Added a quick comparision table highlighting some of the feature similarities and differences between Papel, AtNotes, and YourOtherMind