Monthly Archives: July 2008

Vista & Keeper

Just bought a new laptop, which came with the Vista operating system. The first thing I did was try to install a copy of YourOtherMind onto it and… it didn't work correctly. After a couple minutes of digging I found a very EASY work around (I do plan on putting in the proper fix in the […]

Dragon Age: Origins

After a very long hiatus new information is coming out on Dragon Age! As the co-lead designer on this project I'm thrilled that the hard work of the team can finally be shown to the public. This has been a very long journey for many of us and all the positive feedback will make finishing this game […]

Busy times

Not a lot happening writing wise (a couple *possible* sales in the near future). I haven't really done a lot of writing though since in the last five months we have:  – moved into a new house  – bought a new van  – started a basement development   – had our second child  – ended the […]