Hoping All is Well

The truth is that I have (often) intended to write for this blog again over the past couple years but every time I tried it it seemed that there was a huge event in the world happening and that my little announcements or questions just didn’t seem that important.

I am realizing that there will never be a perfect window to talk about myself or my projects. So I might as well just go ahead.

Here’s a short update in regards to what I have been up to:

  • I have been working with a technical college (NAIT) as part of a research team on virtual reality and augmented reality projects for the past 2+ years… probably the most notable thing we’ve accomplished in that time is the construction of a Vicon-based motion capture studio
  • Over a year ago I started running a Dungeons & Dragons campaign set in my former co-worker’s campaign world. I dungeon master for my kids and their friends. It has been going very well and they are having lots of fun with it. (If you are curious about the campaign, check out Odyssey of the Dragonlords over at Arcanum Worlds.)
  • We started playing D&D in person (and I even began building a digital tabletop to use with miniatures) but COVID has had us transition to Roll20. For the most part we are enjoying the transition … and it has facilitated me starting up a second group of players
  • I have not really picked up my fiction writing in any significant way but I have started looking over some of my old work. I have a lot of completed (or almost completed projects) that I may pick up again sometime…

Probably the most important thing for me that I am remembering how much I enjoy running, playing in, and building Dungeons & Dragons, campaigns. It has been nice to get back to the basics, the beginnings, of what led me towards writing fiction in the first place… and what led me directly to the videogame industry.

Anyways, not sure if I will start updating this more or not, but if I do — and if there’s interest — I might start sharing some of my in-progress D&D content, as well as my thoughts on the process itself.

Regardless, I hope all of you are well (or as well as you can be, considering the current situation in the world). Take care!

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