Story Review and an Amazon Update


I stumbled across the following review for my story “Some We Eat and Some We Keep” which appeared in the second issue of Robots and Rayguns:

“And Brent Knowles unique style was also awesome….reminded me of Blade Runner for some reason, which is great! I can see Philip K. Dick in him for sure.”

I was very pleased to see that! I am always grateful when somebody enjoys something you wrote enough to take the time to write a comment about it. You can read the full review here:

(And as an aside, this particular story was written as an experiment. I wanted to try to write a somewhat snarky & fast-based classical action story. I thought it worked out well and that it found a worthy home at Robots and Rayguns. It is also the sequel to an unpublished story I wrote as a teenager.)

Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest – 2014

Earlier I mentioned that I had made the first cut in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest for 2014. That rounds of selections was determined by brief blurbs for each novel. The second round is determined by the quality of the excerpts (the first few chapters of each novel) and the entries that move on are selected by Amazon reviewers.

It looks like I am a Quarter Finalist and I’m thrilled. If I understand correctly what happens next is that Publishers Weekly editors will make the next selections. I won’t find out more until June.

The announcement page is here. The direct link to the pdf listing the science fiction novels still in the running is here.

The Last of the Lazy Designers

The final volume in the Lazy Designer series is near complete. This book on design management should be available on Amazon next week. When it is it should appear on my author page:

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Back In Province

We had to make a quick trip out of province, but are finally back home. I don’t have much to say, still busy catching up on late tasks, but I’ll provide a quick update and if you have any questions throw them into the comments and I’ll be sure to reply. Lazy Designer — The […]

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Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award & A Story Published

A few notes to pass on for today: 1. My story “Some We Eat and Some We Keep” was just published in Issue #2 of Robot and Raygun. 2. I’ve made it past the first cut in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, which is exciting (it means my pitch was well received). I also still […]

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Who is Brent Knowles?

Because I really didn’t want to write a blog post today, I present you with a host of links to old interviews I’ve given instead. Most of these took place while I worked for BioWare — and many of them are Dragon Age: Origins related. A few concern my writing endeavors. (Also, several of these […]

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Minecraft – Everything a RPG Should Not Be

While RPGs seldom are on the cutting edge of visual quality (unlike shooters) there’s always been a continual player expectation for improved graphics. Over the past decade or so there’s been a push towards realism and a higher visual fidelity — resulting in an escalation of costs to develop large-scale RPG projects. And then a […]

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Time Travel!

Well, not really time travel. Sorry. Haven’t got that figured out just yet. But I noticed that David Gaider (you know that writer guy from BioWare that I used to work with) recently posted a discussion of the early days of Dragon Age. I thought some of you might be interested. There’s also a […]

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I totally forgot to post some pictures of the toys that the kids got over the holidays. Here’s some highlights: (Does posting pics get me out of needing to actually write a post today? For those who want an update… book 4 of the Lazy Designer is done… I’m just doing some final tweaking and […]

Children of Minecraft

So my kids love Minecraft. However, when they started playing with friends, online, I noticed that the servers they played on were filled with a fair bit of inappropriate conversation. Given that I didn’t want to be looking over their shoulder the entire time they played I eventually created my own server. I still monitor […]

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Welcome to 2014

Yeah, I know January is already (almost) over without an update from me. I’m just busy. Very busy. (More on that later). I’m *almost* done the fourth book in the Lazy Designer series… just finishing up final edits on that over the next couple weeks. For now, instead I’m just going to post a few […]

2013 Year End

This is the time of year that I review my goals and milestones for the previous year and bore all of you with the gory details :) I am well pleased with how well the Lazy Designer series performed. I’ve exceeded sales from prior years, I think in large part helped by the release of […]

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